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Who is it for?

ITUBE an interactive London Underground tube map informing the 800,000 tourists arriving here in the UK in 2012 for the Olympics. The interactive map is targeting these tourists who may have little or no knowledge of the tube system and where Olympic events will be held. Of the 800,000 tourists arriving, all are expected to use the underground tube system, and with major construction and changes to the tube, this interactive map will be fully up to date, therefore Londoners as well as tourists can use it.

If you are still unsure you can watch the trailer to get a grasp on the idea before you explore the interactive map.








What is it?

This Interactive London tube map called ITUBE, provides tourists and Londoners with a fully functioning interactive tube map. The application provides information in 4 major languages ( Spanish, Italian, German and english) and is available to download for desktop and mobile. You are required to have the latest flash player installed. The application is a major production project in conjunction with Bournemouth University.